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San Miguel de Allende

Hi Carl & Lorena

I used to spend winters in San Miguel de Allende, but found on my last visit that it's not the same!

I miss the writer's group and the camaraderie at the jardin; the way we made friends of strangers within minutes of sitting on a park bench. I saw very few familiar faces and wonder where those who spent months there, as opposed to tourists, have settled. One person I met was packing up and moving to Tepotzlan. Is the beautiful mountain photo on your site in that area? If so, I'm heading in that direction in January or February with my laptop.

However, I can't find information on Tepotzlan except for a dribble on your website. Even the gal at the Mexican Turismo has never heard of it. As a 75 year old hag who writes and takes pictures, will I find kindred souls and an apartment that won't break me?

Any other suggestions as to where a little-old-lady-world-traveler with a computer and a camera might find a friendly welcome and remain for a few months?

Thanks, Liz

Carl Responds:

Tepotzlan isn't exactly the center of the universe, but I'm surprised you could find so little... it is just 90 minutes from Mexico City and has been a popular getaway for well-off chilangos since Cortez arrived. Nonetheless, it hasn't exploded like San Miguel de Allende or Cuernavaca (thank god).

Tepoz is famous for its sorcerers and abundant water, as well as fantastic corn tortillas.

I'd say "go for it". "Tepoz" is a good choice, especially for a hag of your considerable talents... quite photogenic, lush, interesting. Rents... not sure, but you ought to find something reasonable as there are both apartments and modest hotels. Might rent a room, too, with a family.

When do you leave?


Gee, at first I thought you were referring to ME! On second thought, I don't know how lush I am. All I drink is water!

Glad to hear Tepoz is less hectic than SM now. If you have seen my on line gallery, you'll know why I love to shoot in Mexico. Spain is all black and white, the old women in black, the pueblos in white, but Mexico is luscious, as is Morocco! I guess the colorful habit will soon be a thing of the past and I'm so glad I've captured what I have.

There are a couple of award winning photos I took in Mexico in my gallery on line. I think you'll find them worth viewing and hope they speak to you as they do others. Luciano comes with a "poem"



Your photographs are wonderful. The portraits from San Miguel bring back so many memories -- and in many of them, some of those fine faces were much younger.


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