Asociacion Comunitaria de Autosuficiencia A.C

New Millennium
Wish List

We're growing and now have a new garden in Jaltepec.


Here's our Wish List

To Make Pick-up or Drop-off Arrangements Call:
(01) (376) 3-1568

For the Garden

  • Cement Lots!!
    Barras to reinforce the wall
    Castiellos for corners and doorways
    Arena del Rio
    Arena Amarilla,

For The Students

Gardening Gloves, Hand tools
Spading forks, shovels
Work boots, (small Sizes)

For the Nursery

Benching Material,
* Tarps (any size)

For the corral & Animals

* Lamina.
Iron work Frames

For the Office

* Paper - photocopy,

ACÁ thanks you for your help!
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