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Shopping in Oaxaca: Black Pottery & Weavings; Oaxaca Links

We are interested in visiting Oaxaca this fall. We are interested in purchasing Oaxaca black clay pottery and woven textiles. We have a retail shop and want to introduce Mexican art. Can you give me information on which factories or artisans are the ones we should visit and who to deal with? Is Oaxaca the best place for us to purchase these items, or are there towns outside of Oaxaca to consider- if so which ones.... (more)

•Shopping for House Furnishings : PV or Guadalajara?

I have recently purchased a condominium in Puerto Vallarta. My decorator and friend Jan will be going to PV, and then on to Guadalajara to shop for furniture, etc. for the new condo. Jan will need help getting around in Guadalajara; translation; and also need help getting the furniture shipped to Puerto Vallarta. I am wondering if you have any helpful information regarding shopping as well as shipping from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta.... (more)

•Steve's Shopping Guide

As a general rule when shopping for folk art and crafts, the farther you go down the "food chain" toward the actual creator of the piece you want, the better the price. Let's use a hand-carved wooden ceremonial mask from Guerrero as an example. by Steve Rogers, from The People's Guide to Mexico

•Cheaper by the Dozen

If you hate to shop or have a long list of friends and relatives to choose gifts for but find yourself running low on time and pesos, try ‘doing-the dozens’, Lorena’s sure-fire, low-cost method of buying souvenirs in bulk. by Carl Franz, from The People's Guide to Mexico

Shopping in Guadalajara

Let’s talk about prices. Lorena and I finally gave in and went shopping in Guadalajara. I say “gave in” because we enjoy the laid-back, Chapala “lakeside” so much that we’ve postponed errands in the city. Also, there is very little that we need here, that can’t be found here. Even such elemental, “can’t live without” essentials as extra virgin olive oil, tofu, popcorn, and an occasional bag of greasy potato chips are available just a few blocks from us....but, as Lorena pointed out, we still didn’t have a carrot juice machine.... (more) by Carl Franz

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