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FM 3 Requirements

From the Mexican Consulate in Austin, as of January 2000

Requirements to apply for a permit to reside in Mexico on a permanent basis (non immigrant-rentista):

1. Valid passport with at least one full unused Visa page and valid for at least one year.

2. Photos: 2 recent, front view, 2" x 2", color with white background.

3. Health certificate: Issued by the family doctor, stating that the applicant, as well as the dependents, do not have any contagious diseases. (Notarized)

4. Letter from police department: Indicating there is no police record. (Notarized)

5. A notarized letter from a bank or financial institution stating the source of your monthly income. Monthly income must be $1,000 USD minimum, plus $500 USD for each dependent. If the applicant is married and has dependents, the certified copies of the marriage certificate and the birth certificates of all dependents are required. Children over 18 years of age are not considered dependents unless they are students or have a proveable physical disability. If a dependent is not the wife or one of the children of the applicant, the applicant must prove that s/he has supported the dependent for a least one full year. The letter must also specify how the money is going to be available to the applicant while in Mexico.

6. All documents submitted must be originals, the date of issue not more than 60 days and duly notarized.

7. Fee: Immigration fee for the FM3 is $74 USD.

8. All visas must be used within 3 months from the date issued.
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