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Border Crossings & Returning to the USA

Can One Person driving a motorhome with a tow-car?

I'm planning a trip to the mainland, and I plan on crossing from Nogales. I've heard different stories about being able to tow a car behind the RV. I hear only one vehicle per person is allowed. I've read where the suggestion is to put one of the vehicles in the spouse's name. Only one problem. No spouse..... (more) reply by Carl Franz

•Our Truck Runs on Veggie Oil: Border Crossing with jugs hanging off the back?

We drive a diesel pickup truck with a camper on it. We've converted the truck to run on used vegetable oil, which I collect from restaurants when they throw it away. Obviously on the FAQ page of the Aduana Mexicana website there is no written regulation regarding crossing into Mexico with jugs of veggie oil hanging off the back of the truck, but since that is what I'd like to do, I'd like to try avoiding any hassle at the border by getting a written opinion in advance.... (more) Q&A between Steve Crofter and Carl Franz

Returning To The USA

Not everyone looks like a redneck and if you have a full beard and are dark complected expect to be looked at a little closer than usual. Unless you answer the Customs Agent's questions with a strange accent, a few spoken words will reassure him or her that you need no further study. Contrary to earlier news accounts, very few Americans are asked to show a photo ID, and fewer still are subject to "Wants & Warrants" inquiries.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

October 2002

Crossing the US Border: What Might Happen

Why Is He Typing In My License Plate Number?

US Customs, created a computer database system in the late 1980's that links every kiosk in every Port of Entry, together so that information could be shared instantly. The computer system was dubbed "Tecs II" and the information collected is categorized, and filed by regional headquarters, and finally information is edited by US Customs (which is a department of the Treasury) in Washington DC.

By noting the time, and place of your entry "Big Brother" can later review this data to see if perhaps a strange or odd pattern emerges.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

•Extending Car Papers?

Question: We are living in Zamora at the moment and will need to renew our vehicle's six month permiso by the end of March. Our personal tourist visas will have been extended by virtue of visits home by plane, but we wonder if you have any advice on how to extend or renew the car's permiso without having to drive to the border. We are quite close to Guadalajara or could go to D.F....

Mexican Auto Insurance: A brief introduction

To drive in Mexico, the minimum required insurance coverage is Civil Liability Insurance. This coverage protects you in the event you cause bodily injury or property damage to third parties... (more) by Peter Bassel, Mexican Auto Insurance

Char & Al and friends taking motorhomes into Mexico

Thus, if a tow car is brought along as a 2nd vehicle, it has to be put into a 2nd person’s name. All the paperwork has to be separated into one car or motorhome per person.

Important: This also means having a credit card in each person’s name. It can be the same account number on each card, but it absolutely has to have different names on the cards. So for each vehicle, there has to be a title, registration paper, a credit card and drivers license, plus multiple copies of each, and ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER PERSON.... (more) by Char & Al Bennett

Winnie, the motorhome, has VIM problems

Very excited, we got back in the Motorhome (I will call her Winnie from now on, her nickname, as she is a "Minnie Winnie") and headed through the customs checkpoint with the ‘random’ red or green light. Of course we got the red light. They asked for our import permit, passport and vehiclecar registration. ....But, it seemed to be taking a little too long. I was starting to wonder if something might be wrong. I saw a grim look on his face. Then he hit us with the bad news. “This is not this car.” (in Spanish).... (more) by Paige & Rich Demuth

Mexican Auto Insurance: Don't Leave Home Without It.

Your American or Canadian automobile insurance is not valid once you cross the border into Mexico. If you have an accident while in Mexico, even if you were not at fault, you can be put into jail for failure to have liability insurance coverage..... (more) by Richard Dalton, former owner of Paisano Mexican Insurance

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