The People's Guide To Mexico

Buses in Mexico

Border Crossing by Bus

by Carl Franz

Published: January 2002

At many, if not all of the larger American border towns, it is quite easy to cross into Mexico by bus. Simply go to the Greyhound depot and they’ll probably have frequent bus service into the neighboring Mexican city. Better yet, this bus will usually go to the central de camiones (main bus terminal).

I often cross from El Paso to Ciudad Juarez by bus. The service is not only fast and efficient, it is also a real bargain. (For details on how such a crossing can be made, see El Paso: Crossing the Border by Bus.)

First class bus tickets for destinations inside Mexico can also be purchased in the US through Greyhound and its Mexican affiliates.

There are several advantages to this: first, a ticket between the US and Mexico includes the border crossing (but you’ll first change to a Mexican bus). This saves a substantial cab fare.

At the station in Mexico, you’ll be transferred to another bus. If you’re unfamiliar with Mexico’s huge bus stations, you’ll probably find them slightly mind-boggling at first. Unlike cramped, slightly depressing American depots, they are more like air terminals, spacious and full of activity.61">
With an advance ticket in hand, you can relax and enjoy the scene: beggars, taco stands, tear-filled partings and reunions, and other wide-eyed tourists madly thumbing phrase books for the correct pronunciation of “Please direct me to the ticket agent offering connections to Ixtznitlapoapan.”

When returning to the US, I’d probably buy a ticket to the first town on the American side of the border. Once again, this takes care of the crossing. Because Mexican ticket agents may not be aware of special fare offers in the US, however, wait until you’ve crossed into the US to buy a continuing ticket.

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