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•¿Taking Pets on the Airlines to Mexico?

We have three dogs (one, Sucia, who we found in Vallarta as a small puppy almost 2 years ago and brought home with us!) and three cats who need to be transported. I have grave fears about their safety. Any recommendations that you have regarding airlines.... (more) from Nadin

•Taking Pets on Airlines: Reguirements & Suggestions

Mishaps can, and do, happen. However, if you take the necessary precautions it should be ok, if car travel is not an option.... (more) by Pat Lawrie

Pets on Airlines: Returning to the US

I would be more concerned about getting the dogs out of Mexico by air. Since 9/11, I heard you need a broker to negotiate the dog across the border and it costs a lot.... (more) by Joan & Tony Sikes

Pets in Mexico

Mexico rolls out the red carpet for two-legged foreign visitors and expatriate residents, but what sort of reception do pets receive south of the border? Will your new neighbors appreciate your Great Dane’s finer qualities or will they simply recoil in fear and horror at the animal’s intimidating size? Will you have to restrain dear Rex on a thick chain or keep him closely confined inside a yard? How do tough Mexican street dogs react to the presence of a pampered foreign mutt or new cat on the block? ... (more) by Carl Franz

Cuca & Poco's Favorite Dog Food Recipe
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Taking my dog to Mexico?

I would like to drive to Mexico via Tijuana by myself with my beloved Rottweiler dog in a VW camper. I want to make sure I have no problem bringing the dog back to the US. What is required on shots etc.? Would appreciate your help.... (more)

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