The CENTER for TRADITIONAL MEDICINE (CTM) runs a public health clinic, La Clinica, for residents and visitors to Yelapa (south of Puerto Vallarta). La Clinica provides health care and education for the indigenous village community. Local staff and and visiting health practitioners staff La Clinica. CTM also uses La Clinica as a learning tool for students who come to visit and study public health and traditional medicine.

CTM invites you to join them for a unique opportunity to study and unwind in the small, coastal village of Yelapa, Mexico.They offer week long seminars in Traditional Medicine, Spanish for Health Practitioners, Energy Medicine, Advanced Somatic Therapies, cross cultural Women's Health, Writer's Independent Retreat, and Chocolate, Chilies and Coconuts: a culinary journey. This is an experiential and interdisciplinary learing opportunity open to everyone.

They also offer a two year Certificate Program: you can recieve a CTM Certificate in two years by attending 6 seminars and completing distance learning requirements.

In addition, CTM invites you to join them for a culinary adventure where you will learn about the foods, seasonal cooking traditions, and peoples of Mexico. The journey includes gathering foods and herbs fresh from the land and sea and using them in gourmet buffets. This is one of many opportunities open to you at the CENTER for TRADITIONAL MEDICINE and Casa Xipe Totec(she-PAY TO-tek) in the village of Yelapa.

CENTER for TRADITIONAL MEDICINE is located at Casa Xipe Totek(she-PAY TO tek) in Yelapa. Casa Xipe Totec sits where the Pacific Ocean and the Tuito River meet and is surrounded by lush sub-tropical fruit trees, coconut palms and botanical gardens. Casa Xipe Totec is a Bed & Breakfast where visitors to Yelapa can stay. Casa Xipe Totec also may be rented out for groups of up to 14 for one week seminars and retreats. Contact Joyce at (U.S. telephone: 360-754-1990) for further information. Visit <> for more information and advancement of Indigenous Knowledge.
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