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•¿Moving to Mexico with a teenage daughter?

Hi! My husband, myself and our 8 year old daughter are looking into relocating to Mexico in approx. 8 years. Can you give me your thoughts on what life would be like for a family with a teenager moving to, perhaps, the Mazatlan area? I'm mostly concerned that she has a community in which she can be comfortable in, kids her own age to hangout with and be a teenager with.... (more) answered by Art Jones

•Entering Mexico: Single parents with children

My problem has to do with obtaining entry for my children into Mexico (preferably legal). I know I am supposed to have signed notarized permission from the children's father, but what do I do when that is impossible? .... (more) with a response by Jenerfer Rose

Machismo & 2 Teenage Daughters

Bought People’s Guide at Sandy’s book store in Guadalajara in 1989. Read the chapter on machismo in the morning and it saved our lives that evening, when I took my teen-age daughters to a fiesta at the local church. Some borrachos (drunks) started dancing with my daughters and after a while one of them asked me if they could take them home and have sex with them (mind you they are 14 and 13 at the time).... (more) by Dan Ferguson

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