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Health Insurance in Mexico

From Robert & Deborah Foster

Mexican national health insurance through IMSS (the Social Security system here) can be purchased by foreign residents. Runs around $300 or so per person per year. We don't bother. We're in good health, and prefer to pay out of pocket for private care if the need arises. Even private care is so affordable that just paying as you go is a viable option, depending upon your risk tolerance and the depth of your resources.

Health Insurance in Mexico

Q Answer by jennifer rose: Like sex, health insurance is a personal thing. It all depends upon the condition of your health, your age, your bank account and your risk level. You can go bare, self insuring to pay for any medical care you may require while in Mexico. Mexican medical care is a genuine bargain. However, if you've allowed your U.S. health insurance to lapse, you may confront waiting periods and denial of coverage for pre existing conditions when you try to obtain coverage upon your return to the U.S. (more) by jennifer rose

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