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Protection from the Bugs

•El Codo Tests "Crocodile" Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Sure enough... just at sundown, precisely when the breeze died, no-see-ums started chewing on my ankles. I wiped some Crocodile up to my knees and.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

•Bounce Away The Bugs

“Bounce” Strips are those sheets you put in a clothes dryer for softening clothes and preventing static cling. I have found that these strips work quite well for keeping away mosquitos and, maybe, even no-see-ums. You can put one in your pocket, pants cuff or pin it on your shirt if necessary. I usually tie a Bounce strip around my sandal and put another one my chest somewhere. That's all it takes; you need nothing on your skin..... (more) by Joann Kobus

Crocodile: Herbal Bug "Discouragent"

I received an email from Dan Siegel of Dancing Roots, <http://www,> suggesting I try Crocodile, their all natural herbal Bug "Discouragent" for mosquitoes, no-see-ums, black flies, fleas and other gnats and pests. Dan has since sent me a sample of Crocodile, so in the interests of research Carl and I will head for the Pacific Coast this week and put this stuff to the test on a bug infested beach.

•Pennyroyal Oil: No-See-Um Protection?

"As our token sceptic, David immediately challenged Lorena with, “Pennyroyal oil versus no-see-ums? You gotta be nuts! Right?” He later modified this statement, however, and offered to give Lorena’s concoction a try on his next trip to San Blas, a small beach town long rumored to be the no-see-um capital of Mexico..... (more) " by David Eidell

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