Online Conference:

Online Conference:
Sustainable Ecotourism in North America

May 8-19, 2000

In order to facilitate the discussion and networking of those working toward "Sustainable Ecotourism in North America," the website and webmaster Ron Mader, will host an intensive, online conference from May 8-19, 2000.

The goal of the conference is to develop networks among individuals and instututions working in this field that can yield specific action plans. Participants will be asked to introduce themselves, discuss the issues in depth and come up with some creative solutions and networks.

Here are some of the questions we're asking:

•What are some of the best examples of ecotourism in North America?
•What financing is available to develop ecotourism projects?
•What are the best marketing strategies and promotion for ecotourism projects and services?
•What education or training is available for ecotourism providers and guides?
•How do local communities incorporate ecotourism?
•What is the role of government in developing ecotourism?
•What are successful strategies for cross-border initiatives?

As host of this conference, I will facilitate the discussion by
1) creating the online forums,
2) keeping the discussion on topic, and
3) posting a synthesis of the discussion as well as suggestions for future action online the website.

**** Conference Topics ****

•Financing Ecotourism in North America
•Ecotourism Training and Education in North America
•Community Involvement and Ecotourism in North America
•Marketing North American Ecotourism
•Ecotourism Regulation/Monitoring in North America
•Linking Ecotourism Projects in North America

**** Format ****

The conference will be conducted via an intensive two-week workshop online the web. Participants can choose to receive messages either via email or by visiting the Egroups archive --

To simplify the discussion, the majority of the posts will be in English. Posts in Spanish and French are welcome, but please include a brief synthesis in English. We recommend that members use the free translation programs available online (such as if they have difficulty reading a foreign language.

**** Participation ****

Who should participate? Since the goal of this group is to develop networks and practical action plans, we ask those people who are working in this field to join this conference. Discussions will be focused and participants will be asked to stay on topic.

Those working to improve "North American Ecotourism" should subscribe immediately to the conference by sending a blank email to

**** Cost ****

There is no fee to participate in this conference.

**** Reference ****

Conference messages are currently archived online <>

If you ever need to unsubscribe from the forum, send a blank message to --

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