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• Top Stories on Mexico's Eco-Tourism & Environmental Issues

If you're interested in Eco tourism or want to know what's happening with environmental issues and conservation projects in Mexico and Latin America, is the place to look. Check out Environmental Headlines on Ron Mader's award winning site on Environmental and Eco-Travels in Latin America.

Copper Canyon Trekking

Burro assisted pack trips into the remote depths of the Copper Canyon. Guided by Carl Franz and friends, you'll have the kind of adventure that most people can only dream about.

"We've travelled with several fine guides over the years, but you have set a new standard for excellence, in my book." Diane Lebel & Alan Harris.

"Your kindness, knowledge, and Guiderly (if such a word exists) skills made this such a special trip for us." Jamie Koren.

Selva Del Marinero: Community Eco-tourism In A Rainforest Village

... visitors are received by the families with whom they eat... they sleep either in a lodge or in tents. Local guides give explanations along the trails that bring visitors to a water fall, to a bat cave and a 2.5 hour mountain top walk through a cloud forest. (more)

EarthFoot is a not-for-profit organisation supporting small-scale Eco-Tourism.

They promote independent, small-scale, low-impact, eco-experiences hosted by people near their own homes. The idea is to bring those who wish to share their environment and/or traditional society with guests seeking this information and experience.

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