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The Best Of Mexico

Chiapas & San Cristobal

At Palenque there was a Federal migracion checkpoint. A uniformed agent got on the bus and asked to see our papers. I couldn’t find my purse and went into a panic. I searched next to me, under the seat, on the bench at the back of the bus, on the floor. In incoherent Spanish I told the agent that I lost all my papers: my passport; my money; my plane tickets; everything! “No puedo regressar en mi pais!” I stammered. Various scenarios began flashed through my imagination. Would I be arrested? Would I be penniless on the street at night in Villahermosa?..... by Louis Barton

Some kilometers further on I was driving through the pine forest in Indian country. I came around a turn and two young guys were standing in the road, so I slowed down. They then pulled out large, silver-colored pistols and aimed them straight at my face. Confused and frightened, I stopped the car.

Having been totally unprepared for bandits, the car windows were rolled down and the doors were unlocked. I hurriedly started rolling up windows and locking doors. I asked the guy on the passenger side what he wanted; your billfold, was his reply. Suddenly the other guy had the driver’s door open. ....by Louis Barton

•Living in San Cristobal

Very quickly upon our arrival we found this place to be tranquil enough to walk alone at night. Once we actually forgot our bag in the market and came back 4 hours later and it was still there. In addition, we have e-mail, so we are able to continue close communication with our family and friends in Northern California. Within 2 weeks we found an ideal house on the outskirts of town, in a 200-year-old ranch that was once the home of the Harvard University Mayan research project. ... by Sage Mountainfire


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