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Dear People's Guide,

Please tell me, in your opinion, if this is a stupid idea: buy some mountain bikes, bring them in our car to San Diego, leave our car with friends there, ride our bikes down to Baja, and then bike and bus (and ferry) wherever we please through Mexico....

•Bicycling Mexico

Bicycling Mexico turns out to be a really entertaining travel book, whether you are interested in tackling the rigorous trip or just as an “on the road” kind of travelogue. The authors are very through in listing gear and clothes to bring, as well as what to expect in the way of traffic.... (Book Review)

•Traveler's Guide To Mexican Camping

Nearly 250 campgrounds are listed and identified throughout Mexico and Baja California. Most listings include address and telephone number, but more importantly, all campground listings include map sketches of campground locations. Many campground listings have accompanying side-trip recommendations.

•Birdwatching near Querétaro

working to restore 325 acres of an old hacienda to health. Instead of compacted and eroded soil, there is an amazing variety of plants. The birds love it! They are everywhere, humming birds, orioles, hawks, sparrows ... over 300 species have been cataloged at Aztlán!

•Rock Climbing in Zacatecas

In beautiful Zacatecas there is a school for rock climbing! A 33-foot high wall with overhang allows instructors to attach handholds in hundreds of different positions. There is an international competition in September. They can also advise climbers about natural climbing opportunities throughout Mexico.


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