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Cheap Hostels & Stunning Scenery Make a Great Budget Break

With a tropical landscape dotted with ancient Mayan ruins, a lively capital and two attractive coastlines, Mexico has plenty to offer both adventurous travelers and holiday makers seeking a spot of relaxation in an affordable paradise.

Great water-sports, vibrant nightclubs and a low cost of living add to the charm of both Mexico's scenic shores and thriving cities. In recent years, it has also become a very comfortable destination even for tourists on a budget, thanks to an increase in quality Mexico hostels..... more by Alison Woolliams, HostelBookers

•Life In A Coastal Village: Flores de Las Peñas

I awoke a few mornings ago to the sound of pounding surf in my ears and a pungent seashore odor in my nostrils. I relaxed, this was home and it was August and dawn was muted by billows of summer rain clouds. It seemed as though everything happens in moderation in the tropics -- the temperature was neither too hot nor too cold; unlike in more northerly latitudes the sun doesn't rise too early nor set too late during the summer; and pointless enthusiasm is tempered by balmy temperatures. “Moderation”, I repeated silently to myself as I drifted off again-- “That's the key to life around here, mod…”.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

Homestays in Cuernavaca?

Do you know if it is possible to do a homestay with a family if you are not going to attend a language school? We are going to Cuernavaca this summer for a month and would like to do this.... (more) from Colleen

Inexpensive Hotels from The People's Guide to Mexico

•Bartering for a Room

Even the most experienced travelers may not realize that room rates are often open to negotiation. Although there is an authorized top limit to the price of a hotel room, there is no official bottom. We got a dramatic introduction to hotel bartering when another traveler suggested that we stay in a very nice jungle lodge near Palenque

•Better Safe Than....

There are disadvantages to supercheap rooms and these include not only cardboard-thin walls and the occasional bedbug, but also a lack of privacy and even rip-offs. For the cautious traveler I heartily recommend the following precautions

•A Survival Kit

Hotel services and accommodations vary so much in Mexico, especially for those who stay in less expensive places, that it’s best to anticipate possible shortages. When I’m traveling from one hotel to another, I always carry my "survival kit" in my day pack or in a small sack in my suitcase. It consists, more or less, of the following:

Recommended Hotels

•La Quinta California

Thirty years ago my mother single-handedly packed our "yellow submarine" inside and out (with God-knows-what) and her six kids to escape the growing chaos of southern California. "Guadalajara" she sang, and off we Chris & Alma Rita

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