Mexico: A to Z
Staying In Touch

The Post Office

Receiving Mail in Mexico

Your probable address will be Lista de Correos (General Delivery). Lista de Correos is often more convenient and reliable than other methods of receiving mail (American Express, consulates, hotels, etc.) because post offices are located in every town. Using General Delivery is especially valuable when you have no firm schedule or route.... (more) By Carl Franz, from The People's Guide to Mexico

A Typical Polite Letter to Mexicans

While traveling we often meet people we’d like to drop a line to once we return home. The problem is what to say and how to say it, especially if your Spanish is weak. It’s amazing what can be communicated with sign language, facial expressions and other signals, none of which are available when faced with a blank sheet of paper.

The following letter can be used, either by itself or in parts, to at least say to a Mexican friend: "Here I am. How are you? We haven’t forgotten." .... (more) By Carl Franz, from The People's Guide to Mexico

Keeping In Touch

The People's Guide to Mexico
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