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Published: Feb 2002

I have been thoroughly delighted by your "People's Guide to Mexico", and after reading it through I can't wait to enter into Mexico for my first real trip South of the Border.

When I first started asking questions on the internet regarding traveling in Mexico, one of the most unanimous responses I received usually began with, "if you don't yet have the People's Guide to Mexico then make sure you get one before heading out, because it is invaluable." (The other was to get "The Travelers Guide to Mexican Camping", which I find goes hand-in-hand with your guide.)

So now that I've read your guide (and am currently re-reading it), I am a few days from embarking on my 6-month trip into Mexico (possibly longer). I would be glad to take the suggestion you make in your book about sending in some of my observations and favorite stories on occasion. I have just purchased and started using the fairly new Pocketmail device, and I am quite impressed with it so far. I have a feeling that it will allow much greater access to emails than would have been possible in the more rural portions of Mexico without it. (This email is being sent to you using Pocketmail.)

Thanks so much for the time and effort you have all put into this guide. I expect that it will be a most useful tool throughout my time in Mexico.

Happy trails, Brad McKay (Stryder)

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