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•Hurricane Kenna


San Blas

San Blas Recovered

Whenever I do a search on San Blas Mexico the number one article is the people's guide article about hurricane Kenna. I was in the states when Kenna hit and after listening to the news accounts I wondered if San Blas even existed anymore.  The answer is yes, it does.... San Blas is a small town and is somewhat dependent on the tourist dollars.  I would like to point out that all the hotels and restaurants are open, they had the ramadas back up at the beach within weeks, there was no outbreak of desease and all is well here.... (more) by Pat Cordes

Quinta California Thrives

Way back in the winter of 1995, before I even knew what windows were, (not long after Al Gore invented the internet), and pesos were not "nuevo" - I wrote to you an old fashioned letter, that was actually carried by post to you. I told you the story of my mother bringing me and my siblings to Mexico as children, and of my return. .In this letter I wrote about some bungalows my wife and I had opened which had left us virtually without pesos and hungry for people to come stay with us.

You were so kind as to print this letter in your travel letter and had only asked I write back with more information about San Blas. Well, what a long strange trip its been..... (more) from Chris and Alma

•San Blas: One Month After Hurricane Kenna

We were wondering how things are one month after the hurricane. We love San Blas, having been there five times in the last ten years, and had been thinking of returning for christmas.... Are tourists welcome or a nuisance at this stage?

Tom replies: As of now the town has been cleaned up. Almost all the rubble has been removed and power has been restored....Don’t feel guilty about coming as a tourist. It’s the one of the best contributions you can make to San Blas. Stimulate the economy.... (more) by Tom Nelson

•¿What Happened to the People of San Blas?

Shortly after Tom's articles appeared on The People's Guide to Mexico website, people started asking about how they could help, I asked Tom if he would be willing to start a fund to help the poorest people of San Blas....

Tom also generously agreed to answer emails from people concerned about friends in San Blas. Following are some of his replies over the last month. I’m publishing them on the website both for general interest and for others who may be wondering about the same friends in San Blas.... (more) Answers by Tom Nelson

San Blas: 9 days after Hurricane Kenna

Everyone here is very surprised at the response time of the Mexican Govt. in dealing with this disaster. The army has moved in a large field kitchen, located in the primary school in the center of town, and are serving 3 free meals a day. People from Tepic, Puerto Vallarta and other town are driving the streets handing out packages of food and clothing. About 25% of the city now has power and the power commission is still working 24 hrs. a day....San Blas is famous for mosquitos, but even the people here have never seen mosquitos like this.... (more) by Tom Nelson

San Blas after Hurricane Kenna

I'm in Tepic at an internet cafe. We have no power, water or phones in San Blas and I don't know for sure when we will. Estimates are 3 days to 3 weeks. The govt is working hard to restore power and is supplying food, blankets, bedding, purified water and many other things.... (more) by Tom Nelson

•Mazatlan: Costs, Housing, Work

•La Quinta California

Thirty years ago my mother single-handedly packed our "yellow submarine" inside and out (with God-knows-what) and her six kids to escape the growing chaos of southern California. "Guadalajara" she sang, and off we Chris & Alma Rita

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