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Camping on the Pacific Coast of Michoacan

After spending some four years living and traveling up and down the rugged and beautiful coast of Michoacan I have formed some opinions about travel and camping safety....My advice is to not camp alone on a seemingly deserted beach.... (more) by David Eidell (Published 4-08)

•Life In A Coastal Village: Flores de Las Peñas

I awoke a few mornings ago to the sound of pounding surf in my ears and a pungent seashore odor in my nostrils. I relaxed, this was home and it was August and dawn was muted by billows of summer rain clouds. It seemed as though everything happens in moderation in the tropics -- the temperature was neither too hot nor too cold; unlike in more northerly latitudes the sun doesn't rise too early nor set too late during the summer; and pointless enthusiasm is tempered by balmy temperatures. “Moderation”, I repeated silently to myself as I drifted off again-- “That's the key to life around here, mod…”.... (more) by David "El Codo" Eidell

The Beach

The bus from Vallarta dropped me on the highway and I walked into a town out of One Hundred Years of Solitude. Pines with long shiny droopy needles that hung in circles around upright candles were the most common tree. Mostly one story buildings with tile roofs, all banded in two colors, open doors, dark rooms, a pool hall-dark with three tables, men standing around.... (more) by Joan Parker

San Blas Recovered

Whenever I do a search on San Blas Mexico the number one article is the people's guide article about hurricane Kenna. I was in the states when Kenna hit and after listening to the news accounts I wondered if San Blas even existed anymore.  The answer is yes, it does.... San Blas is a small town and is somewhat dependent on the tourist dollars.  I would like to point out that all the hotels and restaurants are open, they had the ramadas back up at the beach within weeks, there was no outbreak of desease and all is well here.... (more) by Pat Cordes

•Mazatlan: Retirement, Attractions, Costs, Medical & Dental Care

San Sebastion, Mascota & Talpa

I had always wanted to see San Sebastion, Talp, and Mascota. These small mountain towns are located east of Puerto Vallarta on the ‘back’ road to Guadalajara....We boarded the bus at the ‘crucero’ (crossroad) for Juntas, about 8 miles north of P.V.... It was an old style bus, what we used to call a chicken bus (as people carried anything from iguanas to chickens on them). However, in concession to modern times, this one had a sign as you boarded that read, "No Alcohol, No Animals, and if you need to barf, do it in your bag." .... (more) Karen Kulik and Bob Adams

Hotels & Restaurants between Oaxaca and Puerto Angel

There are now decent hotels and restaurants between Oaxaca and Puerto Angel. Generally what you want to do when you are on the road from Oaxaca to the coast is GET TO THE COAST. But, should circumstances arise, flat tires, late starts, etc. there are a couple of options for places to stay that are worth considering.... (more) by Eric Mindling

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca

Dan's cup of coffee is still the best in town, if not the state, and the mango croissants are still to die for. With the addition of a dinner restaurant next door, where we had a magnificent dorado platter for 29 pesos, Dan now has an all-day eatery. We did duck into town for one of Herman's fish platters, but at 25 pesos it probably doesn't represent a better deal than Dan's.... (more) by Stan Gottlieb

Huatulco: Boat Cruise Warning

If you're planning a boat cruise in Huatulco, make sure you get ALL the details before handing over the pesos. This obvious, though often overlooked guideline is likely true for any resort in Mexico, but we learned the hard way in Huatulco.... (more) by Jim Jamieson


Dobie and Sergio are homesteading in a former coconut plantation on Mexico's Pacific Coast. From their latest updates.


But the best thing I found in Nexpa was myself. My mother had died a year earlier and I had not been myself since. In Nexpa I found the patients that had been escaping me. I again found the "time" to marvel at life. It began with the waves, watching them break smoothly, over and over again, from left to right.... (more) by Patt Riese

•San Carlos Bay

San Carlos has seen some changes since our first visit some centuries ago, but then what place hasn’t? The good news is that it is still an outrageously beautiful coast, with many empty beaches and countless places to free camp. I’ve even found good campsites between the big hotels and a couple of prime beach front lots available for immediate squatting..... (more) By Carl Franz

•Cheaper in Paradise

“It’s Mexico Or Die!” Though burdened by an emaciated wallet, I was determined to feel warm sand between my toes, if only for a couple of weeks..... (more) by David “Cheapskate” Eidell

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