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Camping on the Pacific Coast of Michoacan

After spending some four years living and traveling up and down the rugged and beautiful coast of Michoacan I have formed some opinions about travel and camping safety....My advice is to not camp alone on a seemingly deserted beach.... (more) by David Eidell (Published 4-08)

Living In Zamora

My wife is working teaching English at a campus of Univa here in Zamora. She finds the college age kids a delight, and we have been made to feel very welcome by the people we meet. Zamora is not on the gringo trail and that's just fine with us.... (more) by Pat and Gaby

Michoacan Forum

jenifer rose in now moderating a Michoacan Forum on Mexico Connect. This is the place search for information and ask your questions about one of our favorite states in Mexico. Michoacan has a little bit of everything, from the high forests where the Monarc Butterflys spend the winter, and the capital city of Morelia to incredible craft towns such a Patzcuaro and Santa Clara del Cobe and the coastal resort of Zihuatanejo and Uxtapa. jennifer says, "Mexico Connect's Michoacan Forum, at is a new, moderated forum for those who live in Michoacan, love Michoacan, or just plain have an interest in one of Mexico's most diverse and interesting states.

jennifer has also written several articles on Michoacan for Mexico Connect.

Santa Clara De Cobre and Erongarícuaro
Two Craft Towns Of Lake Patzcuaro

Let's start with a basic history lesson. Spanish lawyer Vasco de Quiroga was sent over to Michoacán in 1532 by the Church to clean up the mess that his predecessor, Nuño de Guzman left behind, and in doing so, he became the indigenous peoples' advocate, encouraging the villages and burgs surrounding the lake to develop unique products to trade with one another and the outside world. That sparked the 16th century building boom which assured Patzcuaro would reign as the capital of Tarascan culture. Vasco de Quiroga drew a lot of his ideas from the best-seller of the day, Thomas More's 'Utopia'.... (more) by jennifer rose

Where to Stay - Hacienda Mariposas review

We weren't sure what to expect as we wheeled into Hacienda Mariposa's entrance, greeted by German Shepherds. Of course, we'd visited the website,, but we knew how deceptive some sites can be. Rounding the bend past the nursery, the property came into full view, and sure enough, the website was deceptively understated. What lay before us was awesome.... (more) jennifer rose

Prozac in the Air: Zirahuen, Michoacan

A short kilometer from Santa Clara de Cobre, on the way to Ario de Rosales, a bust of a young Lazaro Cardenas nods toward Zirahuen. "I'm sort of proud of this road, now that it has been improved," I remarked to Hank, my travelling companion of the day. He shot me one of those incredulous "Are You Completely Crazy?" stares. Well, the road, paved with brick is a definite improvement over the cobblestones that used to lead the way. I know that the toll I paid fifteen years to that guy holding a rope across the road made a difference.... (more) jennifer rose

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