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Mexico City: "One of the most wonderful weeks of travel ever."

A friend and I recently returned from one of the most wonderful weeks of travel ever, immersing ourselves (between the work I was there to do) in the beautiful mess that is the DF. Being a New Yorker, I'd like to consider myself fairly in touch with what makes a situation safe or unsafe -- we moved throughout the metropolis via pesero, metro, on foot and by radio taxi unmolested, met the nicest people, fell in love with the sophistication and class of this wonderful town.... (more) by David Landsel

Mexico City: Is It Safe?

As the bus pulled into the Terminal del Norte, we made our final preparations for Mexico City.

"Weapons on auto?" I said.

"Check," said my wife Nancy.

"Camouflage paint?"

"Check, dad," said Hannah, my 10-year-old, putting a last black streak on her cheek.

"Money belts secured?"

"Check," I answered myself.

With that, the bus ground to a halt and in a moment we were standing on the tarmac at the Terminal del Norte in the gathering darkness..... (more) by Jim Jamieson

Recommended Books

Mexico City

by Andrew Coe, 1994, Passport Books. A concise, highly readable mixture of history, archaeology and culture, lightened by interesting excerpts, offbeat detail and beautiful photos by Kal Muller. Includes maps, restaurant and hotel lists and basic how-to information. Order Mexico City
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