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Dear Carl & Lorena,

We are hoping to travel to Belize as our next big trip. We are planning on taking 3 weeks in Feb and traveling around by bus. Perhaps flying to Mexico City and then busing to Belize.

We’ve received some information about property for sale there and are looking into possibly buying some.

I was wondering if you’ve ever been to Belize, and if so, what you know of the country.

Cynthia Sorensen

Dear Cynthia

Belize City is a long haul from Mexico City. To save time, consider flying to Cancun. Then take a van from the airport to Playa del Carmen and spending the night (or longer) there. From Playa, catch the morning bus to Chetumal. A Belize bus will be waiting at the Chetumal bus station to take you into Belize.

We did this several years ago. The bus left Playa del Carmen around 10 am. We arrived in Belize City about 7 pm (after dark) and took a cab to find a hotel. We ended up spending the first night in Jane’s, a ‘hot sheet’ place with a Chinese restaurant downstairs. Not recommended except in desperation.

Be extra careful in Belize City: Don’t go out walking at night! Wear your money belt! etc....

Carl and I really enjoy Belize. Placencia to the south is a great place for some laid back beach time. This was a short flight from Belize City or a very long rough bus ride.

We still haven’t visited the Belizean cays, but hope to one day.

For information on Belize, check out Belize First Magazine: <> and <>

Also, you might want to get the Belize Retirement Guide: How to Live in a Tropical Paradise on $450 a month by Bill and Claire Gray. Preview Publishing, Box 1179, Pine Valley, CA 91962. Their website is:

¡Que les vayan bien!


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